What kind of meditation ?

Although it is difficult to put a label on a discipline as old as the world, we could compare the meditation taught by Le Thread de Soie to Buddhist and Taoist teachings. However, with an approach adapted to our culture and our time.

Rates : Per session (individual): 10,000f
Duration : 1 hour
Outfit : A loose outfit at the waist.
(avoid jeans, belts, shirts and favor leggings over skirts)
Note : Beginners are welcome as well as the most advanced.

Sur Rdv : Du Mardi au Vendredi – Contact : 94.95.50
NB : Les séances ont lieu dans un local chaleureux et professionnel à la vallée du Génie à Nouméa.

Conduct of a sitting

We offer meditation support.
The session is generally composed of a theoretical part and a practical part. Students are guided in internal visualization work and are supported in breath dynamisation work.
We practice in a seated position and it is up to each person to provide their own meditation cushion. Chairs are available for people who have difficulty sitting on the ground.

Who are these sessions ?

The meditation sessions are held in a room in Noumea, but also online on Skype. Find out more They are addressed to those who wish to understand the world around us in a way more rooted and more serene. The teacher transmits exercises that are accessible to all.

What is meditation ?

Meditation is a moment of contemplation and intimacy with oneself. It is a way to find roots and stability in life.

Online Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses in French and English versions are available on https://taichichuanyang.com/