We are The Silk Thread in Nouméa, a non-profit association based in New Caledonia, whose objective is to promote the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong as well as any other means that can lead to balance of being.
“I teach and support through different means such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong but also Meditation or even healing. These so-called “energetic” practices can help maintain or even improve one’s physical and mental condition. These different means draw their source from the East but they are based on universal principles that anyone sincerely interested can approach. I share the teaching I have received with those who wish to learn and my wish is to make everyone autonomous in their practice while respecting their own pace. »

Oswald Dorion

Tai Chi et Qi Gong

I started learning Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong but also Chinese energy with Patrick Loisel In Bretagne (France).
Here a 2023 article from the Journal “Ouest France” briefly presenting it…
Patrick L. followed the teaching of Master Gin Soon Chu who has long been considered to be at the forefront of the Yang school.
Here the extract from an interview on the practice of this great Master translated into French…
Today, his 2 sons, Vincent and Gordon Chu, succeed him at Gin Soon Tai Chi Federation, à Boston (États-Unis).
Students from all over the world regularly train with them, and the style inherited from Gin Soon Chu continues to spread.
The Yang style being the most widespread, there are however several forms of Tai Chi including the one in 108 movements practiced by Le Fil de Soie in Nouméa.

Gin Soon Chu Tai Chi Chuan Federation
Gin Soon Chu Tai Chi Chuan Federation


It was during my first trip to Asia that I began to explore the practice of meditation. Indeed, it was first in India and then in Thailand that I was able to participate in meditative retreats in centers Vipassana. Having since continued my experiences in this field through various teachings, I offer support to people wishing to embark on this adventure in themselves. Learn more...


My interest and curiosity for alternative medicine led me to study several approaches to care in different places around the world. After graduating from a course of several years of study in Australia, I began to put my knowledge into practice in a health center in Nouméa. Learn more...


Study of Chinese energetics, Tai Chi Chuan Yang 108 and Qi Gong at the Rennais Center – France
Diplôme de Massage traditionnel Thaïlandais à Old School Medicine Hospital de Chiang Mai – Thaïlande
Brevet d’Etat d’Educateur Sportif – B.E.E.S.1 – au CREPS Le Tampon – Ile de la Réunion
1st year of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology in Sydney – Australia
Certificate & Diploma in Remedial Massage at Premier College Caringbah – Australia
Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees – Nouméa New Caledonia

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