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It’s all Chinese !
The Chi of the Chinese, the Ki of the Japanese but also the Prana and the Chakras of the Indians are all terms to designate one and the same thing that we could call “vital energy” or “force” of life. This energy circulates everywhere, inside the body and outside the body.

Rate Reiki : 10000xpf
Duration : 40 minutes

Rate healing energy : 15000xpf
Duration : 1 hour

By appointment : From Monday to Friday
Contact : 94.95.50 – Page contactMessenger
Note well : A deposit is required for booking sessions which take place in a warm and professional location in the Vallée du Génie in Nouméa.


This treatment provides a balancing cleanser and can focus on one or more parts of the body.

Reiki is an unconventional Japanese treatment method which, like traditional Chinese medicine, is very widespread in the Orient. Its founder is Mikao Usui (1865 – 1922). These practices are based on the belief that health is linked to the notion of “Chi”. This is the same thing that circulates in the acupuncture meridians, already better known in Western medicine. During the Reiki session with the Nouméa Silk Thread, the hands are placed above the body without touching it, letting themselves be guided by feeling and intuition, everything is done at a subtle level. It is a harmonizing and soothing treatment.

Energy healing

It is a treatment that clean, balances and energizes, it treats the entire body.

Energy healing offered by Silk Thread is similar in its external approach to the processes of acupressure, reflexology (traditional Chinese medicine) or even Shiatsu (Japanese treatment), so there is physical contact.
However, it differs from the latter in that there is the establishment of an internal dynamism which is coupled with touch...

The hands follow a path on the body and move over certain specific points, acupuncture meridians. It is a treatment that generates dynamism, and its action is deep in the cells of the body. It is balancing and invigorating.

Theoretical explanations Chi / Ki / Qi / Chakras / Prâna

As the bloodstream, the free flow of this subtle energy provides a good balance and good functioning of the organs and of the body/mind. You can compare the energy vital to a river with its rivers, which in the case of obstructions would take a rather circuitous route. Although invisible to the naked eye, these energy disruptions can have consequences.
Disorders can have an external origin such as climate, poor diet, trauma etc... But also an internal origin such as emotions, fatigue... They can lead to knots, aches or all kinds of conditions.
The practitioner serves as a conduit between the subtle energy and the patient to harmonize the flow of its currents vital. Its action may help to relieve the person or the help to recover the health. The provider is the universal energy, which according to everyone, goes into the where the body needs it. The patient has nothing to do, just relax and lie still while the practitioner moves, the hands often over his body.

Important :
The care provided by Fil de Soie Nouméa cannot replace the advice of a health professional or medical treatment. We do not do diagnostics. If you are under treatment, depending on the improvement in your state of health, and in agreement with your doctor, you may be able to reduce your medication intake. Plan a loose outfit, avoid jeans, belts, shirts and favor leggings over skirts.

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