How distance learning courses work

Can't come to us ? No problem.
You just need a computer, smartphone or tablet and an application like Skype or other to establish communication. Then the session begins on the principle of videoconferencing. A quiet room is strongly recommended for the duration of the session…

Rate : 10000xpf ≃ 80€ / 8000xpf ≃ 67€
Duration : About 1 hour – By appointment : From Monday to Friday
Contact : 94.95.50 – Page contactMessenger

Note well : Distance sessions and courses must be paid in advance
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Courses and attunements over Skype

It is possible to study Tai Chi and Qi Gong but also meditation from a distance in the form of Skype sessions.
Not everyone has the opportunity to travel or is not available at the class times offered by Le Fil de Soie. And that's why we can arrange an appointment for a live online course. You may live outside New Caledonia and would like to take lessons. Depending on the time difference, we agree on an appointment for a live lesson.

Disciplines taught from a distance

Live classes of Tai Chi Chuan forms Yang in 108 movements gives you the opportunity to get advice, corrections and demonstrations. During the live practice of Qi Gong exercises, the teacher guides you in the postures as well as for breathing. Learn more... on Tai Chi style and Qi Gong taught. You can be introduced to live meditation whether you are a neophyte or not, and discover an approach different from yours. Learn more...

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