The Silk Thread Noumea

The aim of the association is to support you in your personal development process, or your need for well-being, by offering you Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong classes, as well as meditation and healing sessions in Nouméa.

Association Law 1901

Benefits of energy practices

The exercises of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi gong improve breathing, flexibility and rooting.
They strengthen the body, promoting balance and relaxation. Find out more Meditation allows you to enter into intimacy with self, to find inner calm in soothing the agitations of the mind. Find out more Care Reiki helps to relieve certain ailments but also to re-balance the subtle energies through a process of cleaning . Find out mores Energy care, the process is similar to those of acupressure, reflexology or Shiatsu, have a deep action in the cells of the body. Find out mores

The gymnastic and energy care help to maintain the conditions for the harmony of the body and mind. What are branches full of traditional Chinese medicine, both in its appearance as a preventive than curative. These tools and practices can bring relief general. They help the mind in the management of stress and allow the body to maintain mobility and muscle tone.

Courses and care

For any request for a trial lesson or an appointment, go to the page Contact or through the page Facebook. To know the schedule and other details, please take the time to navigate through the site.

Online courses in live

Possibility of distance learning courses. Find out more

Online Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses in French and English versions are available on