Réservation soin Nouméa

Would you like to offer a treatment session or lessons to one of your loved ones ? Nous vous enverrons un bon cadeau à imprimer. Do you want to make a reservation for a treatment or a course in Nouméa? Vous pouvez la faire directement sur cette page.

Réservation Nouméa / soin / cours / cours à distance

Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, as well as meditation sessions and treatment sessions, are generally paid for on site. but remote sessions and courses are planned in the form of an appointment and payment is made in advance. For any request for additional information on reservations, go to the page contact.

For any other different reservation or amount, make your choice either by scanning the QR code or by clicking on this link.
Click on this link to pay the amount of your choice

Booking 1 distance learning course – 10000XPF ≃ 80€ / 8000xpf ≃ 67€

Réservation pour 1 soin Reiki à Nouméa – 10000xpf ≃ 80€

Réserver pour 1 soin énergétique à Nouméa – 15000xpf ≃ 125€

Further information

Possibility to follow distance learning courses
Possibility of making a online booking
You can support the association by doing a free donation
Request for information or appointment for classes or treatments on the page Contact du site
Online Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses in French and English versions are available on https://taichichuanyang.com/