Differences between Tai Chi and Qi Gong

The 2 disciplines focus on the same work, soothing and strengthening the body through breathing and postures. Strengthen roots but also make mobility and circulation more fluid.
The benefits are many, among them, strengthening the immune system and muscle, relaxation, coordination, concentration, balance, etc...

Tai Chi Chuan literally means “the boxing of supreme balance”, it is based on a succession of movements called “a form” or “a sequence” resembling a parody of combat. Qi Gong literally means “work on internal energy”, it is based on a repetition of movements or even static movements. No need for flexibility or particular quality for either of the two disciplines which are oriented towards health. They are considered “Longevity Arts” by the Taoists and are accessible to novices and all ages.

About Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is part of the Chinese martial arts of internal style and Yang style is the most widespread. The origin of Tai Chi dates back to several centuries, it has been invented by Taoist monks. The latter, observing the phenomena of nature, and eager to find this harmony, have created what are called " forms ". The forms are sequences of movements that may look like parodies of combat. According to styles, such movements are more or less fluid, more or less slow, and more or less numerous within a form. The Taoists consider the gymnastic energy as part of the arts of longevity. Tai Chi Chuan Yang is to strengthen and enhance the health, siena, as well as that of " the adversary ". It is designed to use the force " Qi ", to the inside. The concept of competition is non-existent within the Chinese philosophy. The Internal martial arts to enhance the balance and harmony.

The benefits

Tai Chi Chuan is a practice of gymnastics energy of the past is an integral part of the system of traditional chinese medicine. It has many benefits for physical and psychological health. It can help improve flexibility and balance, boost energy, reduce stress, and improve memory and concentration. It can also be beneficial for people with heart problems, pains in the legs or back. By practicing this regularly meditation in motion, life becomes less stressful and more balanced.

About Qi Gong

“Qi Gong” literally translates to “energy work”. Its origin dates back to antiquity, from the era of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. As energy gymnastics, Qi Gong represents one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a discipline that strengthens the immune system.
Practiced regularly, it keeps the body healthy, toned and supple. The Taoists consider energy gymnastics as part of the arts of longevity. It restores mobility, agility and balance to the body. Qi Gong is also known to be an excellent complement to the practice of Tai Chi.

The benefits

Qi Gong is a type of exercise energy chinese practiced since 5000 years. This practice allows a daily improvement of self-offering to develop physical fitness, promote relaxation, relieve stress and improve breathing capacity.
Among the tangible benefits of Qi Gong include improved strength, coordination and flexibility, reducing pain and stiffness, improved concentration, and a general feeling of well-being. By practicing this regularly discipline, we can also improve sleep and increase its life force.

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