Tai Chi videos Pack 1 + 2 + 3 English V

Pochette Tai Chi 3 E.V

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Tai Chi Chuan Yang style 108 Form parts 1 + 2 + 3

  • In those videos, you learn and practice being guided step by step, in real time.
  • Explanations of the postures and principles of Tai Chi as well as a slow motion mode, subtitles and a voice-over with a background of relaxing music accompany you.
Pochette Tai Chi 1 E.V

Part 1 : Beginner level – 10,40 minutes – 55 Mo – mp4 format – clic on image for an extract.

Part 2 : Intermediate level – 16,21 minutes – 88 Mo – mp4 format – clic on image for an extract.

Pochette Tai Chi 2 E.V

Pochette Tai Chi 3 E.V

Part 3 : Advanced level – 26,15 minutes – 128 Mo – mp4 format – clic on image for an extract.

About Tai Chi Chuan

  • Tai Chi Chuan is part of the Internal Martial Arts and the Yang style is the most widespread. The origin of Tai Chi dates back several centuries, it was invented by Taoist monks.
  • The latter, observing the phenomena of nature and wishing to find this harmony have created what are called « the forms ».
  • The formes are sequences of movements that can look like combat parodies.
  • According to the styles, these movements are more or less fluid, more or less slow, and more or less numerous within a form.
  • The Taoists consider energy gymnastics as part of the arts of longevity.
  • Tai Chi Chuan Yang aims above all to strengthen the health, his own but also that of the « opponent ». It is designed to use the force, « the Qi », inside.
  • The notion of competition is non-existent in Chinese philosophy.
  • Internal Martial Arts value the balance of forces and harmony.

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