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Qi gong of 8 Brocade pieces parts 1 + 2

  • In thoses videos, you learn and practice the Qi gong of the 8 Brocade pieces or Baduanjin, being guided step by step in real time. All levels.
Pochette Qi gong 1 E.V

Part 1 : A voice over accompanies you on a background of relaxing music with subtitles and written explanations.
19,37 minutes – 133 Mo – mp4 format – clic on image for an extract.

Part 2 : You have some explanations relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine. An image-by-image description with subtitles (photo mode) on a relaxing music accompany you. 19,04 minutes – 36,6 Mo – mp4 format – clic on image for an extract.

Pochette Qi gong 2 E.V

About Qi gong

  • The 8 Brocade pieces are Qi gong exercises, which literally translates to « energy work ».
  • It is nicknamed the 8 treasures because it has an action on the 8 marvelous meridians.
  • The origin of Qi gong dates back to antiquity, from the time of Budhisme, Confuscianism and Taoism.
  • It is part of Chinese Energy Arts and it represents one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • It is a discipline that strengthens the immune system.
  • Practiced regularly, it keeps the body healthy, tonic and supple.
  • The Taoists consider energy gymnastics as part of the Arts of longevity.
  • It restores mobility, agility, flexibility and balance to the body.
  • Qi gong is also known to be an excellent complement to the practice of Tai Chi.

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